The solution to all your private label watch needs as well as several other services related to the watch industry.

We’re a team with more than 35 years of experience bringing together all the Swiss watchmaking know-how and covering all the other aspects related to it.

What we do

Starting from a blank sheet, we create, develop, manufacture and assemble, at the request of our customers, their new watch projects while guaranteeing them the utmost discretion.

These projects have allowed us to use and experiment all possible materials for the manufacture of the watch cases and components using both quartz and mechanical movements.

These projects have also allowed us to create products for mass distribution as well as unique pieces or limited editions which, if necessary,can be set with precious stones in which, in their hearts, we generally use rare movements with grand complications.

What we offer

Our fields of activity

  • Definition of concept and style corresponding to the image and needs of our customers
  • Definition of technical specifications
  • 2D and 3D artistic drawings
  • 2D and 3D technical drawings
  • DXF files
  • Tooling for components manufacturing
  • Manufacture of working samples
  • Manufacture of watch components
  • Watch mass production
  • Assembling
  • Quality control
  • Development of new movements
  • Development of new watch modules
  • Customization, engraving and decoration of movements
  • Product environment

We also offer, if necessary

  • Registration of new brands
  • Creation and logos design
  • Implementation of repair and after-sales services centers in Switzerland or abroad
  • Addresses or office bases in Switzerland
  • Logistics in Switzerland or abroad
  • Market research
  • Market consulting
  • Marketing
  • Tailored advertising concept
  • Artistic or technical pictures
  • Advertising pictures or technical videos
  • Distribution in Switzerland or abroad
  • Animated computer graphics
  • Study and test of new materials for the watch industry
  • COSC Chronometer certifications
  • Watch fairs exhibitions

Discover our very own creation, the S. Craft “Transparency N°1”.

A sapphire watch you can get at a fraction of any other sapphire case watch on the market.

When we thought of the S.Craft (standing for Sapphire Craft) and designed the “Transparency N°1”, our goal was to construct the watch in such a way that the wearer could observe the movement parts and interactions with as unobstructed a view as possible.

Want to discover it and get a chance to get it at a fraction of its price ?